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With Grind's unique, science-focused approach to fitness and an emphasis on metabolic analysis, GRIND will redefine the way you work out.


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Lake Mary, Orlando, and Surrounding Areas


One of the most EXHILARATING perks of being a GRIND member is learning about your own unique metabolic profile. This highly specific profile links your weight, energy, heart rate, and overall fitness level to understand your internal switchboard, thus unlocking the answers to a healthier self. Then, a GRIND specialist takes this data to engineer an exercise and diet program to correctly reset your metabolism. Together, we can visually monitor your progress and modify your program.


When details from the lighting to the person who greets you to the music are orchestrated just right, we can capture the excitement of our client’s imagination. We are devoted to sharing that feeling with our members. When you step out of your 9 to 5 world and into ours, we want you to be energized. We want your imagination dwarfed. We want you to feel like your whole life just got better. We want you to be surrounded by a world that serves as a monument to how successful at changing minds and bodies we’ve been. 


Our Group Personal Training Classes deliver the same benefits of Personal Training, but with a better cost. You can expect unique workouts every single class, making sure you don't plateau as we create muscle confusion from the diversity in our classes. 


Inducing desire to exercise is one thing, sustaining that attention span is another.  Development of intrinsic motivation comes from how much you enjoy something - that is the essential inspiration of Grind Fitness.

 We want to inspire people setting time aside for exercise,

and enjoy doing so. 








Circuit based group training combining the best of strength  and high intensity training for total body workouts in each 60 Min. Class.


From Our Blog


I started GRIND because I felt the gym business needed a technological and scientific updating, it’s a new model by which members are serviced individually, not as one “large” group of people. Every person can be assessed based on his or her unique metabolic profile. This is the future. Technology has finally infused itself into the gym.   Dane Artman

Lake Mary

Personal Training

For our Lake Mary clients, we offer the best in personal training with a science-focused strategy. This allows you to achieve real results and stay truly focused on your goals in a program that is designed around your specific profile.

Orlando Fitness & Metabolic Testing

Conveniently located within just a few minutes of Orlando, GRIND Fitness offers a science focused approach to understanding exactly what you need to reach your fitness goals. We create a fitness profile that will allow you to effectively target your workout routine.


154 N, 4th St, Suite 1430

Lake Mary, FL 32746 

Tel: 407.915.4856

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