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About Grind

The Science of Fitness

A whole new approach to group

functional training that delivers:

RESULTS: Accelerated Fat Loss

EFFECIENCY: Maximum Results in LESS time

MOTIVATION: Achieve more together

What makes GRIND unique?

I started GRIND because I felt the gym business needed a technological and scientific updating, it’s a new model by which members are serviced individually, not as one “large” group of people. Every person is assessed based on his or her unique metabolic profile. This is the future. Technology has finally infused itself into the gym. 


Why is an individualized approach so necessary?

It will allow people to finally know that they can change their body in a predictable way; tell them exactly how their body will look and feel based on what’s going on with their metabolism. It’s where chemistry meets physics. You can’t put value on the ability to understand how to be able to control how somebody’s body will change. Whether you take a group class or have a personal training session, our trainers will be able to monitor and tailor your workout per your results from quantitative scientific data. We're taking the guessing out of your training.  


We focused on creating an experience by combining group interaction, movement, light and music.  In other words, an immersive experience not easily replicated with equipment and

exercise programming alone. 

same benefits as personal training, better price.

group personal training classes


GRIND FITNESS brings you Europe’s hottest fitness sensation! PRAMA technology features walls and floors that come alive with integrated LED light and sound to create an immersive fitness experience. Designed after years of research to increase efficiency and effectiveness, the interactive system establishes an unparalleled training environment. Experience this class in our 2,000 square-foot facility.


GRIND FITNESS is the first workout in FLORIDA to utilize the PRAMA system. It is a 60-minute, high-intensity, circuit-based, functional and strength training class that that improves muscle memory using advanced technology. Your workout comes to life while training all major muscle groups through movement with purpose, building endurance, strength, balance, speed, agility, reaction time, and overall fitness. The high-energy, interactive training method pushes your limits with complete strength and cardio conditioning in one session burning maximum calories. Functional movement focuses on movement with purpose, training your body for the actions you perform daily. Rather than isolate a single muscle, the workout strengthens your muscle groups together, increasing efficiency and reducing your risk of injury.  

Dane Artman, Lake Mary Gyms, Personal Trainer

Meet the FOUNDER

GRIND FITNESS founder, Dane Artman, was born and raised in Key West, FL. Dane has always possessed an affinity for performance training. Dane decided at the age of nine that he wanted to learn to play Baseball. Through many hours of professional instruction and training Dane developed a work ethic and dedication to become the best athlete he could be. At the age of 12 Dane suffered a major setback. Dane’s rotator cuff had torn requiring rehabilitation of Dane’s pitching shoulder due to overuse. Injuries were a major factor in shaping Dane’s fascination for therapy and rehabilitation.  This made Dane realize at a young age the importance of proper strength training , proper form, and rest. Even with the struggles and setbacks Dane eventually developed a skill set that not only helped him become one of the top baseball players in the country but also earning him All American honors, 3 state championships, numerous MVP’S, 2A Player of the year, USA National team honors, a Youth Gold Medal, and a UCF full baseball scholarship to name a few. These accomplishments made Dane one of the most sought after and highest draft picks in the 2000 MLB draft, selected by the Milwaukee Brewers.  


After playing professionally with the Milwaukee Brewers Dane opened a sports training facility with Tim Tebow, Chipper Jones, and Orlando Orthopedic center focusing on athletic training and rehabilitation. Working with hundreds of athletes making them bigger, faster, and stronger. Also working closely with Orthorpedic surgeons and physical therapist on the newest injury prevention methods. 





CPR-AED Certified   

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