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GRind Family Fitness Classes



Our FAMILY CLASSES will feel like a giant, colorful, interactive fitness class. For children, it feels like they are inside a favorite computer game, but it’s not only for young ones: it’s designed to be a cross-generational workout – for kids, parents, and even grandparents. Families work in teams running relay races, jumping, and using partner style exercises.

We’ve noticed how more parents are encouraging their kids to exercise with them, because they know it leads to healthy habits. It’s probably a backlash to all that screen time. The goal with our GRIND FAMILY CLASSES classes is to transform the fitness experience and inject fun into training sessions with an arcade-style environment.

Technology is often blamed for creating a sedentary generation, as many youngsters prefer to control a character running in a video game than actually break a sweat themselves. Now an increasing number of parents are finding that if they want to break their children away from their devices, they have to get them to do as they do, not just as they say.



*Children 13 and under must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian 

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