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Get Your Free Class at Grind Fitness

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Registering for your free class is quick and easy - this offer is open to everyone!

From the site you can click any of the Free Class links to get started, or click here.

You will next see this screen which will get you started in our online scheduling portal. Simply enter your email address and click "Next":

On the next couple screens you will enter your basic info.

Are you signing up with a spouse, dependant, or children? Answer, and then click "Next":

Fill out your required information, and then click "Sign Up" when complete:

Digitally sign the required form:

And that's it - you are now in the system.

You have 7 days to choose your date of when you would like to come in and give us a try with your free class. Simply click the "Free Trial" block under the "Plans & Passes" to access all the details of your free pass. This information includes your 7 day trial date window and the classes that the pass can be used for:

To use your pass, click on the "Class Schedule" tab and select your desired date:

Once you click the date, choose your class and then click "Enroll" - your free pass will automatically apply:

Then just come on in for your scheduled free class!

This system will also email you the information you need to reserve your free class - in case you can't complete all the steps at once.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at:

  • Tel: 407.915.4856

  • Email:

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