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Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Two mutually exclusive realms have collided to create a total wellness system. Video games and high-intensity exercise have been tossed into a blender to create a holistic and immersive wellness system, Prama technology. This immersive fitness experience arrived from Europe and is now causing a sensation right here in Central Florida at GRIND Fitness. The Prama technology fitness system combines advances in lighting, sound, and kinesthetics. Traditional isolation training can’t compete when combined with Prama technology.

Prama technology features walls that come alive with integrated LED light and sound, the integration of light and sound creates a heart-pumping fitness experience. Moreover, this system came about due to years of research and design. It’s the holistic design of Prama’s strength circuit that causes effectiveness.

family enjoying a prama class at grind fitness
PRAMA is also a great fitness option for Families

Prama’s immersive technology increase the willingness to participate in circuit strength training and elevates your workout to unparalleled horizons. The athlete increases endurance via a medium load, high load accessories, and community participation. Community participation is a key element of this system.

This system is an interactive and engaging strength circuit that focuses on cardiovascular wellness and endurance. The Prama method simultaneously increases strength, fitness, and function. Although the Prama exercise system is not complex, it synchronously affects complex muscle groups.

This strength circuit exercise begins with a warm-up and then moves onto the HIIT phase. The HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, targets glutes, thighs and the body’s core. Due to the HIIT phase, the Prama system is three times more effective than isolation training on its own. Moreover, those who employ the Prama exercise system continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours after completion of the strength circuit. Exercise post oxygen consumption, referred to as the EPOC effect, forces the body to continue burning calories in the presence of oxygen.

Fitness professionals have taken note of the role oxygen plays in weight loss and creating energy. Prama technology utilizes oxygen to sustain calorie consumption for 48 hours after completion of the strength circuit. Cardiovascular fitness and endurance both rely on oxygen.

The Prama system is unique among strength training programs, this system reproduces the body’s natural movement patterns, rather than awkward motions, to increase energy demand and deliver faster results. Natural motions are less stressful on the body and ensure safety.

Prama technology, Europe’s most exciting fitness system, has arrived at Grind Fitness! This revolutionary program focuses on weight loss, toning, and muscle gains. The combination of group interaction, movement, light, and music push the athlete beyond the realm of stationary weights and cardiovascular exercise on their own.

GRIND Fitness was created by and is owned and operated by a professional athlete - Dane Artman. What makes GRIND even more unique is Dane's ideology that PRAMA, weight training, and your personal metabolic profile all come together to produce one of the most advanced fitness systems on the planet. Get Started


"GRIND Fitness Becomes First In Florida To Build A PRAMA Fitness Center"

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