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What is resting metabolic testing

Grind is Central Florida’s most science-focused fitness gym, it offers resting metabolic rate testing services for all members. Additionally, Grind is one of the few fitness clubs in the area that offers this informative test. No athlete should perform without knowing their resting metabolic rate.

What is Resting Metabolic Rate Testing?

Resting metabolic rate testing is a complete individualized profile. This profile is specific to the individual and reveals the complex interplay between weight, energy, heart rate, and overall fitness - resting metabolic rate testing assists the athlete in understanding their internal switchboard. Understanding this switchboard unveils the road to a healthier self.

Metabolism churns the food we eat into energy, known as calories. This testing is a measurement of how efficiently the body turns calories into energy. Moreover, each person possesses a unique metabolic rate. Factors such as a person’s weight, age, body composition, hormone levels, and gender, cause this uniqueness.

Every calorie a person consumes requires a fixed amount of oxygen to be converted into energy, resting metabolic rate testing allows the athlete to know how hard to work and how much oxygen to take in to burn calories. In general, modern science has shed light on the role oxygen plays in calorie consumption. It’s essential that the athlete accounts for oxygen intake and metabolic rate to successfully lose weight or sculpt mass.

Why should the athlete undergo metabolic testing?

An understanding of your body’s unique metabolic rate allows the athlete to create a customized weight loss or maintenance program.

How should I prepare for resting metabolic rate testing?

Avoid eating for four hours prior to the test

Avoid exercising prior to resting metabolic rate testing.

Avoid consuming stimulants prior to testing

Upon receiving the results, Grind’s specialists engineer an efficient exercise program for you. This program resets your metabolism and obtains results.

Grind is unique among fitness facilities. Grind focuses on motion with meaning. Meaningful exercise allows the athlete to become absorbed in the circuit – the athlete becomes one with their individualized program.

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